Who We Are

"My 4 year old is already asking me when camp starts again! I went to JCC camp as a child. It was so wonderful that I was excited to send my own children. The JCC Camp is where everyone becomes family very quickly. The staff is well trained and really seems to have fun with the kids as much as they are supervising them.”



Camp K'Ton Ton


Camp Little Menschen is a pre-school camp for 2 & 3 year olds keeping a focus on aiding children in their physical, social and emotional development.  Activities range from swimming, arts and crafts, nature, cooking, biking with training wheels, music, dance, t-ball and soccer.

Camp K'Ton Ton

Literally translated in Hebrew as "Very little," Camp K'Ton Ton  is our program for our youngest campers: Age three to 1st grade.  K'Ton Ton is your child's opportunity to grow and delight each day in ways they would not experience from the average day care.  Your child will build confidence, creativity, and life skills. Learn to swim! Ride a bike! Make special friendships. K'Ton Ton groups are categorized by age/grade, in co-ed groups. 

Camp Nagila

Camp Nagila is our program for 2nd, 3rd, and 4th grade children. In Nagila, children are grouped by grade in school for that upcoming year, allowing them to be with children their own age, gender, and maturity, so they can grow together. Nagila campers still have a structured daily schedule -- and they choose their own activities chosen based on their interests! Your child also enjoys new experiences, such as day trips to places like water parks, amusement parks, and for the oldest of them, overnights at the campsite!  

Camp Mitzvah

Camp Mitzvah is our program for 5th, 6th, and 7th grade children, translated in Hebrew as "good deed." In this program, your children have a great deal of autonomy, allowing them to choose each of their activities every day, mix and mingle with campers throughout the program, and experience amazing special activities, like overnights at the campsite, trips to places like Washington, D.C., New York City, Hershey, Club Getaway, and more! Campers also have the opportunity to participate in community service, by venturing to nursing homes and food pantries, giving them to opportunity to not only gain community service hours for school requirements, but also to see life through a different lens and truly make an impact of the lives of others.

Counselors in Training (CIT)

Our Counselors in Training program, (CIT,) is a six week program that puts your maturing child halfway between being a camper and being a counselor. CIT campers assist our JCC Day Camp staff, by helping to run activites, work with the K'Ton Ton campers, setting up Oneg Shabbat, and more. These experiences prepare them to become part of the JCC Day Camp staff when they are older. They are also treated to some of the over 45 activites that our camp has to offer, including overnights at the campsite, and time to build strong bonds amongst each other through team building activities and challenges.


The Campers

The Campers is our program for children with special needs. Offered during select weeks of the summer, this program allows your child to experience all the fun that camp has to offer, all while under the caring and experienced guidance of specially trained staff. The program is led by experienced professionals in the field of Special Education, and offers the same flexability and benefits that our other programs offer, such as the ability to select by the week or even the day, transportation to and from the campsite, and full buffet lunch.

Our Staff

One of the things which sets our camp apart is our passionate and experienced staff!  We enjoy the highest staff to camper ratio regionally. Our families report to us year after year that what made their child's summer so special and meaningful was the connections that our staff made with their campers. Our campers love the counselors!  Our staff consists of talented and passionate young individuals, many of whom were JCC campers themselves.

Our staff are experienced professionals, including educators and specialty staff who excel in their professional fields. In fact, many of our camp leaders have been with us for decades.

All of our staff, from directors to counselors, participate in the Camp Staff Training program at the beginning of every summer. This program provides them with fundamental training involving childcare, Jewish education, and procedural knowledge about the camp. They also participate in a variety of staff bonding activities to ensure nobody is a stranger!

Jewish Heritage

The JCC Day Camp has been in operation for over 80 years, allowing Jewish and non-Jewish children the opportunity to come together to experience amazing summers together. Everyone is welcome.

Part of what makes our camp so special is our Jewish heritage. Our campers and their parents alike report to us year after year that small, yet meaningful elements of camp, such as participating in Oneg Shabbat, our weekly celebration welcoming Shabbat (the day of rest), saying Hamotzi (the blessing over the bread) before every meal, and singing Hatikva (the Israeli national anthem) every morning along with the Pledge of Allegiance, add to their experience and their world view, broadening their horizons, and showing them a culture that they might not have had an opportunity to experience otherwise.

Our camp maintains Kosher dietary laws. All lunches and snacks are Kosher style, but that doesn't compromise on quality or taste.  Kosher food is often more pure, and free of chemicals and growth hormones of much non-Kosher food.  In order to be Kosher, the food must comply with strict laws. Our food is prepared by The Nutrition Group, who prepares lunches for the Wilkes-Barre School District, ensuring the food is not only Kosher, but of the highest quality and best variety.

A Jewish camp also means that we welcome a variety of programs each summer that teaches our campers about Israeli and Jewish culture. Two Rabbis from the local synagogues, Temple B'nai B'rith, and Temple Israel, serve on our staff. The Tzofim Friendship Carvan (affectionately known as the Israeli Scouts) consisting of young men and women from Israel, come to camp each summer with a spectacular song and dance show about Israel and their message of peace on Earth.